These are the hottest Game of Thrones characters

The fans have been waiting a long time for the final season of Game of Thrones, which is finally starting. Even in the eighth season of the series, which is known not only for its bloody scenes but also for its freedom of movement, there are still some respectable survivors. But what character ignites the biggest fire in the audience?

We wanted to answer this question once and for all and therefore have given you 15 living characters with pictures to choose from. We wanted to know from you which persons you would date. We did not differentiate by gender, so that women could vote for female performers – and men also for the same gender.

Men have clear favorites

The result of the male users is very clear: With 92 percent each, Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen are particularly well received. Missandei, the loyal companion of the mother of dragons, is also very popular with 85 percent. But even the red woman, who recently showed her true self as an old old woman, does not seem to deter men: after all, 77 percent would date Melisandre. Brienne von Tarthe scored the least among the female roles, as only a third are interested in a date.

The male performers, however, are not well received by the same sex. At 17 percent, Jon Schnee is still considered the most attractive man. Followed by the gnome Tyrion Lennister, which 13 percent of the men would also date. Only 6 percent each can warm up for Sam Tarly and Theon Graufreud. Is that because of the latter stinker?

Women are more open to their own gender

First place in the female voting is not quite as clear as in the men. Nevertheless, with 76 percent, Jon Snow is the most popular with women. A woman surprisingly ends up in second place: 68 percent would like to have a date with Daenerys storm daughter. Missandei (53 percent) is also well received by just over half of the women, closely followed by Jaime Lennister (52 percent).

Samwell Tharly, on the other hand, is less attractive, only 18 percent voted for a rendezvous with him. His companion Goldy can only impress 15 percent of those surveyed. Far behind in the last place, similar to Theon Graufreud’s men: only 2 percent would give stinkers a chance.

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