Royals in the wedding check: these heirs to the throne marry the fastest

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was only a few months ago. It is not that long ago that all gossip magazines speculated daily whether the two are together at all. In spring 2019, the love and family happiness will be perfect, because the first offspring is expected. Do you also have the feeling that the engagement, wedding and child royals go much faster than Otto Normalos? Or are you longingly wondering when the next royals are getting married?

We took a look at ten royal royal houses and analyzed them, which actually marries very quickly and has the first child. For this purpose, we took into account the periods between the official engagement and the wedding day as well as between the wedding day and the birthday of the first child.

Our analysis comes to the conclusion that the heirs to the throne of the Belgian royal family are the quickest to marry after the engagement: There are just 118 days between the official announcement of the engagement and the wedding day. Fortunately, as heir to the throne, you have a large team around you that plans the wedding celebrations within a very short time! The Spaniards followed the Belgians, because they let an average of 156 days to “big day” pass after the engagement. This period is 158 days for the British and is therefore in third place.

The Dutch take much longer: after the engagement, it takes 377 days for the wedding bells to ring. Monaco also has a lot more time for wedding preparations, namely an average of 366 days.

However, a heir to the throne is not only expected to marry in a befitting manner; no, heirs to the throne should also see the light of day in the best case. The Swedes perform their duties the fastest: after the wedding, the birthday of the first child arrives after 314 days. The British, however, take almost three times as much time! Almost 980 days pass before the royal offspring is presented to the public. So one thing is clear: Harry and Meghan will shift the average significantly down!

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