Royale Lovestories: Meghan could break Diana’s baby record

In love, engaged, married: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have long shown how this can be done quickly. Now the royal offspring is already expected for April 2019. With the monarchs, everything seems to go a little faster in terms of love happiness than with the normal mortals.

We took a closer look at the ten European royal houses and analyzed who marries very quickly and has their first child. For this purpose, we examined the periods from engagement to wedding to the first child.

The result of our analysis: The Belgians are the quickest to ring the wedding bells. There is an average of just 118 days between engagement and wedding. This is closely followed by the Spanish royal family, who, after an average of 156 days, make a marriage, while the British Royals only need two more days.

The Monegasques are significantly slower: after the engagement, it takes an average of 366 days until the wedding day. The Dutch also spend significantly more time preparing for the wedding with 377 days, making them the slowest royal family.

Of course, a royal family is also expected to have a heir to the throne. The Swedes perform their duties the fastest, with children seeing the light of day here on average after 314 days. The Monegasques let a little more than a year pass after the wedding until the birth of the first child.

On average, the British are the slowest royal family when it comes to having children: Almost two and a half years pass on average until the royal offspring are born. Harry and Meghan were significantly faster there with less than a year between the wedding and the due date. If the baby sees the light of day by April 10, Meghan is even faster than Lady Diana and even sets a new record.

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