Poll: So you think about the first date

March 1st is spring’s meteorological start and not only insects and animals are becoming more active again. The sun drives even the most stubborn couch potatoes back into the fresh air and also ensures plenty of spring feelings. Newly in love, couples meet up for an outdoor picnic. But what about the first date? How far do men and women go when they first get to know each other?

We asked you about this topic and got surprising answers:

When it comes to taking over the bill on the first date, it is 50:50. Half of the women and 50 percent of the men stick to the classic model, according to which only the man pays for the food. Women are more likely than men to consider the modern possibility of a split bill.

A first kiss on a date is not enough for many men: sex is part of the first encounter for three out of four men. Only every fourth woman wants to be this intimate. If, in the heat of the day, it is also quick, contraception can be forgotten. That would not happen to 92 percent of women because they would rather play it safe. Men take the issue of contraception more relaxed: 40 percent can do without safe sex.

And what happens after the first date? Who will report first? Here, too, opinions differ widely: While the men respond very evenly, the majority of women believe that the man must first seek contact.

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